The Company

Traineeland is an International Organization headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.  We have offices in Warsaw, Vilnius, Lisbon, Lugo, Malaga and Madrid.

We are registered in Ireland in accordance with the Registration of Business Names Act 1963, with the corporate name: AIE Ireland; and officialy registered in Spain and the European Comission with the corporate name: AIAEM Internship. Our Participant Identification Code, PIC number is: 900576519.

We offer to students, internship opportunities in Europe and online internships. We have experience in European educational projects and we have established strong partnerships with many European universities and business organizations. So far, hundreds of students have used the services provided by Traineeland and its partners.


Jesus Alamo, founder & CEO

Jesus is the CEO of Traineeland. He is a licensed lawyer in Spain and has experience in legal advice, business entrepreneurship, NGOs, court litigation and AML prevention. As a CEO he is in charge of marketing strategies, web development, management, business development and legal compliance.

Our team

More than 50 European universities have trusted in our internships

Alumni Experiences