Are you ready to train people?

In TraineeLand we are committed to provide a holistic training to people. Our goal is to complement the theoretical training that students receive in universities and other educational institutions. We consider that without practical knowledge the opportunities for students are limited, because they won’t have the basic training to perform a junior position or even to pursue their professional dreams. We consider that practical knowledge makes people freer and more independent. 

Join our training academy

  • Are you a business with experience in your industry?
  • Are you and your team willing to transmit their practical knowledge to students?
  • Do you think you are ready to work with young people?
  • Do you have enough time to dedicate to train people?
  • Do you agree to teach without  restrictions any practical knowledge that will be useful for students? 

If you think you have everything that is required to properly train a student, contact us! We have a place for you in our company.