Engineering internship in Lugo, Spain

Fast admission process for Erasmus plus

For a fast application please send us an email with the following information to:

  • Subject: Engineering internship in Lugo. Specify also the type of ingineering you prefer (computing, industrial, mechanical, electrical)
  • Tell us a bit about you.
  • CV in PDF and in English with complete information.
  • Period of the internship (from when till when). Minimum period is 2 weeks for vocational studies / 2 months for university studies.
  • If necessary, working hours required per week or in total.
  • In case you need visa tell us your citizenship.
  • Attach an acceptance letter format, in case your institution requires its own format.
  • Attach other documents your institution requires to be signed (Ex: Learning agreement)
  • Any other relevant information to speed the process.
    *Be sure that your institution considers this internship to be related with your studies.
About the internship

TraineeLand is offering Engineering Internship in Lugo (Galicia, Spain). The training is provided with the support of an engineering company located in the centre of Lugo. You can apply if you are studying or already finished studies. We offer internships in: computing engineering, industrial engineering, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering.  

During the internship you will be mentored by an engineer. The training language is English (Spanish is also available). This internship doesn’t offer a financial compensation. The training is part time from Monday to Friday, and very flexible. Of course, the work time can be modified if your programme requires more hours.

Keep in mind that this internship doesn’t require any years of experience.

This programme also includes:

  • A fast admission process.
  • You can choose when to start and finish the period of your internship.
  • All documentation related to the Erasmus+ programme.
  • A recommendation letter.
  • Flexibility during the internship.
  • Any other educational agreement.
  • Advice for finding accommodation.

This programme has a reasonable price that varies depending on the duration of the programme. The price is paid at the beginning of the internship and never in advance.

To know more about this programme you have to apply. Get familiar with other information in the page “our conditions”. 

Shanmugapriyan Ponnadai y Shyam Sudar from India, Erasmus Engineering trainees studying in Lithuania. 2019-2020

Local news wrote an article about them. Click here to read it.  

Elio with engineering trainee from Nigeria studying in Europe 2019

Karan Patel, student of Riga Technical University (RTU) doing his internship in Lugo

Engineering trainees from Poland and India working with 3D printers