International trainees for your company

TraineeLand offers you the opportunity to host students from European universities to do an internship in your company. We manage the paperwork with universities, so you don’t need to worry about this. 

Regarding the working conditions of the trainee, the company can decide whether to pay or not a salary to the trainee. Also the company doesn’t have to pay any fee to TraineeLand. 

Our goal is to help students to get professional experience. We also want to help companies to internationalize.

Companies can choose students too, based on the professional profile, studies, languages, skills, etc.  

Our requirements:

The requirements to host our trainees are the following: 
1. To have a physical office.
2. To appoint a mentor for the trainee. 
3. To sign an agreement with TraineeLand.

What is the process to host a trainee?

You have to sign an agreement with TraineeLand.

You have to comunicate to TraineeLand the profile you are looking for.

Once we identify the prospective trainee we will send you his info. You can have an internview with the trainee. If not, we can also do it.  

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