Money Laundering Prevention (online internship)

Online training course/internship in Money Laundering Prevention (AML) - на русском также - Практический онлайн курс по предотвращению отмывания денег

This online training course is aimed at people without working  experience in the anti money laundering field. You will learn European and international regulations in AML, by solving practical cases. This is a very good opportunity to learn how banks deal with people intending to launder money. It is a very exciting and international field, that you will find very useful no matter where you live in the world. 

  • Duration: 2 months
  • Tasks: to solve 8 practical cases related to AML in the European Union. Every week you will have to solve a case composed of different cases related to money laundering prevention. 
  • Mentorization: You will receive the solutions of the cases weekly. 
  • You can choose the working language: Russian, English, Spanish.
  • You will receive a recommendation letter at the end of the internship. 
  • Application: Contact us for more information to:

Carla Lima, legal trainee in Warsaw, Poland, receving her completion certificate