Paid internship in farms in Nordic countries and Germany

Opportunities in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany

Working in partnership with organizations in Nordic countries, TraineeLand is offering paid internships in farms. Opportunities are open to EU and non-EU citizens.


- You don't need to have experience (but is you have is a plus)

- Who can apply? University students with in the area of Agricultural science, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Botany, Zoology, Soil Science, Veterinary science and related areas. Graduates can also apply in this program.

- Note for university students: *Must complete 2 semester (1 full year university studies) for Norway, Sweden and Denmark. * - Study achievement of minimum 4 semester (2 full year university studies) for Germany.

- 37 hours/ week but possibility of having overtime work

- Contract is for 6 till 18 months.

- Age: between 18-29 years old

- International English language skill: Minimum Ielts score of 3 (only for Denmark, rest other countries do not require Ielts score. But is good to know English to communicate properly)

- High: 165 cm for Dairy firm and milk firm

- Working areas-

a. Green House (students from Agricultural science, Plant Biology, Botany, Horticulture or Biology)

b. Poultry firm ( Students or graduates from relevant fields)

c. Dairy Firm ( Students or graduates from relevant fields)

d. Milking Firm and ( Students or graduates from relevant fields)

e. Pig Firm ( Students or graduates from relevant fields)

- Salary/month

a. Germany : 1760 € before tax and 1137€ after tax 37 hours/ week

b. Norway: 1300€ to 1600€ Euro before tax 37 hours/ week

c. Sweden: 800€-1200€ after tax 37 hours/ week

d. Denmark: 1780€ before tax for 37 hours/ week for age below 25 and 2030€ for age over 25 but less than 30 years

e. Note: First 6 months, the salary will be minimum and after 6 months, it will be maximum salary.

- For EU citizens you don't have to pay any fee in advance.

- If you are interested contact us to:

Important information for Non-EU citizens

- Type of visa: Trainee or Internship visa

- We need the following papers

1. Original academic transcripts from the college or university (1st/2nd year transcripts)

2. A letter from College and university by confirming the students status

3. Details CV

4. Passport copy

5. Ielts score of minimum 3.0 (Only for Denmark but good to have Ielts score to communicate in English properly)

6. International driving license (can submit in 2 weeks of the process)

7. An application fees

If you want to apply, send us an email to: