Trainee’s review

The following information was provided by the student Nornesto Aguilana Fernandez. Who received training in architecture with TraineeLand.

What to expect form the Architecture Internship in Madrid?

Our Architecture training in Madrid is provided with the support of a partner company. It is a mentored internship with flexible starting date and duration.

If you want to know what to can expect and what kind of experience you can get from this internship, this article is right for you! One of our intern has answered us the most important questions. So hopefully, you will find this article useful for your decision making and you will join us soon! 

How did you like your Architecture Internship?

The internship has given me a new insight into a different working perspective such as the environment, the culture, and the schedule of working time.

Nornesto Fernandez, trainee 2021

What did you like the most about the internship?

I liked being in touch with many other international trainees.

Then most of my tasks were within Madrid. So, I got to explore and look at the city differently. 

Could you describe your working day?

The following information was provided by the student Nornesto Aguilana Fernandez. Who received training in architecture with TraineeLand.

Did you learn all things from the basics? (I mean, if you do not have any practical experience with working in this field does somebody lead you to accomplish your tasks)?

I have learned everything from the basics. My mentor in this internship was Shrinandhini. I could ask her any time whenever I got stuck on something. She was very helpful and would give me advice on things I can work with.

What was the most interesting task you had to solve? Could you describe it?

The most interesting was designing of an observation tower that would allow visitors to climb and observe their surroundings. My chosen site was the Parque del Retiro, which is to connects all the tourist spots by showcasing them from above. The site, I have chosen within the park, is not a popular route. So in this way, it could attract people. Trees are a form of shelter to unwind due to the weather being so hot in Madrid especially during summer.

Retiro park did not have the sense of vertical tower to experience them from above. Can only be seen if you are in one of the offices tall buildings surrounding the border of the park.

360-degree view: it is an illusion I wanted to create as if you are walking on top of the trees. This design will enable us to see the entire park from above.

Did you go to the city and learn about the architecture there?

The best part of doing many of my assignments were when I explored the city in different ways. Especially, when I was doing the timeline of the architectural facade of Madrid I was able to find out the story and the history of the city.

What was the best skill you have learn at this internship?

Interacting with international students and speaking in different languages.

Communication and able to take my own decision in terms of design and allocation of my chosen site. Able to negotiate with my mentor about work I want to focus on. Take advice and constructive criticism.

Did you get inspired for your future work by this internship? (I mean, do you take any inspiration, for example from Madrid’s architecture, that you will use at your future job?

I was so inspired that I would go back and live in Madrid. It has taught me many things such as living a new lifestyle and appreciate a new form of architectural perspective. What I love about the city the most is that they stick to their traditions of the ornamental and expressive facade even up until today. 

How was the mentor of your internship?

Shrinandhini was very helpful all throughout my journey for this internship.

What did you like the most about Madrid?

The people welcomed me wholeheartedly even when there was a big language barrier. I was able to learn their culture, language, and a new way of living such as siesta time.

If you should tell somebody who is considering to do this internship, why should she/he come?

I would highly recommend to receive training from TraineeLand, especially in Madrid, it has given me an eye-opening experience. The work and assignments are built around the city. I was able to appreciate the city even further. Interacting with international students has improved my communication (language) skills. All my mentors were present whenever I would ask questions and I had an instant answer or feedback.