Visa for Europe

Do you already live in the EU?

If you already live in the EU Schengen Area, you may not neet a visa for your stay in other EU Schengen Area country. Also if you are an EU citizen you don’t need visa for entering and living in other EU country. If you are citizen from a non-EU country you can also travel for 3 months to other EU country (UK and Ireland are not included in the Schengen area) without visa as long as your residence permit is valid. 

For example: In case you are a Turkish student living in Poland, and willing to do an internship in Spain. In this case you should verify when your visa for Poland expires. If the period of your internship is within the valid period of your visa, you don’t need to get a visa for Spain. In case your visa expires before or during your stay in Spain, you will need a visa.

Are you planning to come to Ireland?

The Irish case is different from the other countries. In case you are a non-EU citizen living in an EU country, you will need a visa to come to Ireland. There is no free access for foreigners living in other EU country. Irish visa procedure is more complex than the Spanish or Polish one.

When applying for a visa and Erasmus programme

If you are applying for a visa, take into account all documents you should submit. If you are coming to do an Erasmus internship, never forget that Erasmus plus programme, even if is for doing an internship, is an educational programme. Therefore, when applying for a visa, never state that you are coming to work. You are coming to do an internship under an Educational programme of the European Union. We consider that a visa for studies is more suitable. 

We issue acceptance letters addressed to consulates and for visa procedures too. In this letter we mention important information for the internship programme, such us duration, office location, contact person details, etc. All this information is useful for visa applications. Therefore, we strongly recommend students to submit in their visa application all necessary documentation.

Visa and not Erasmus programme

If you are coming without the Erasmus plus programme, you should consider the visa procedure. We recommend students outside the EU willing to do an internship in Europe, to stay only a maximum three-month period, and to get a tourist visa. This is so because if you apply for an internship visa you will need to submit a lot of documentation, and in the worse case the consulate won’t admit any application. Some consulates will require the host company to get an internship permit from immigration office in the correspondent EU country. Traineeland doesn’t offer this kind of service because the procedure is costly and slow.