What is a curricular internship?

According to the UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA, a curricular internship is an experience intended to complete the University education of students, by enabling them carrying out practical work in structures within or outside the University, in Italy or abroad, and to obtain the University educational credits (ECTS) envisaged in the course structure diagrams for their degree programmes.

Do you need to do a curricular internship to get ECTS in your university? You can do it with us!

We offer curricular internships in Law, management, marketing, economics, finance, banking, international relations, Translation, political sciences, human resources, tourism and more. You can do the internship in our company or in our partner companies. 

You can choose the duration (the start and end date) of the internship to perform the number of hours your university requires you.

This is an offer for vocational, Bachelor or Master students. 

We have experience dealing with paperwork in universities.

We offer you

Fast admision process. 

The documentation required for the program. 


Flexible worktime. 

Friendly work environment. 

Guaranteed vacancy.

The chance to do it with the Erasmus plus program. 

Contact us now, send us your resume and tell us what are your needs. Send us an email to: traineeland@gmail.com

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