Why Erasmus is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss

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Why Erasmus is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss

Why Erasmus is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss

“Erasmus is not a year in your life but your life in one year.” – every Erasmus student ever

This is one of the most popular Erasmus slogans and it is like this probably because it contains a lot of truth. The European student exchange program “Erasmus+” is so much more than just an educational program – it is a program for cultural exchange. This emotional adventure will teach you much more than what they teach you at the classroom. Here are some of the reasons why it is something you should definitely take advantage of.

1.The life abroad

Living abroad is a huge challenge for anyone. As hard as it might be at first, once you get used to it you will find that this experience is priceless. It teaches you how to deal with everyday life on your own, makes you much more independent and teaches you how to adapt to any situation. After just a short time living on your own abroad you will find yourself more responsible, more organised and more confident. All of these qualities are very important for everyone’s private life but they are also very highly valued in the professional world. This is one of the reasons why employers give advantage to people with international background.

2.Getting to know new cultures

One of the reasons the Erasmus+ program is so loved by students is the opportunity to know different cultures. Spending a longer period of time in any country allows you to learn a lot about the people and the culture there. Whether it will be through language, history, music, art, cuisine or all combined, these lesions will help you adapt faster to the new environment and feel comfortable.

Of course during your Erasmus you will meet people from all around the globe. Communicating with people from different backgrounds will certainly help you understand the world better. The different opinions and outlooks you face will surely broaden your horizons and enrich your personality.

You will learn a lot about the others but a lot about yourself as well. Getting to know different cultures makes you appreciate aspects of your own culture that you’ve never paid attention to. It will definitely open your eyes a lot. Besides that, spending time in an international atmosphere teaches you how to overcome barriers and communicate more easily with anyone. Another quality that is very important for your future development both personally and professionally.

3.Learn things in practice

Erasmus+ offers not only an opportunity for you to study abroad. It also allows you to find and internship or a practice at a foreign company. This is a great chance for anyone to learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge received at university in the real professional world.. Doing an internship abroad will surely give you an idea of what the business world is like and will help you improve your professional skills. The experience you get is priceless and will surely help you find your professional path for the future.

As they say: “Practice is the key to success”.

If you are interested in doing an Erasmus internship in Europe, you can contact us to guide you through the whole process – from application to realisation.

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