Political Science Research Internship

A partner company is offering internship in political science research for its political marketing department. 

A partner company is offering internship in political science research for its political marketing department. 

The trainer

A partner consulting company is offering this training program.

Activities during the program

  • To write reports about international relation issues.
  • To write articles about political trends in history.
  • To write reports about legal issues concerning political freedom in the world.

You will gain the following skills:

  • Strong knowledge of political systems, institutions, and theories, including comparative politics, international relations, and political behavior.
  • Strong research and analytical skills to evaluate political data, policies, and events.
  • Strong writing skills to effectively convey political analysis and research findings.
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills to analyze and interpret political phenomena.
  • Strong ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills to manage research projects and meet deadlines.
  • Strong understanding of political systems and the ability to navigate them.
  • Strong understanding of the political and social context of issues and policies.
  • Strong knowledge of political philosophy and the ability to apply political theory to real-world problems.
  • Strong computer skills, including proficiency in data analysis, data visualization, and social media platforms.
  • Strong understanding of the political and economic context of issues.
  • Knowledge of the legal and constitutional framework of politics.


You will receive a new task and feedback everytime you finish them. 

Who can apply?

Anybody can apply

This programme also includes:

  • A fast admission process.
  • An acceptance letter.
  • A reserved vacancy for the internship. The host company won’t cancel your internship at last minute.
  • You can choose when to start and finish the period of your internship.
  • Flexibility during the internship.
  • The company will sign the documentation related to the Erasmus+ programme.
  • The company will sign any other educational agreement and documents required by your university.
  • A certificate of completion of internship.
  • One recommendation letter for your job / further studies application.
  • You can include the host company, as a reference for your job application in other company.

Importrant information:

You can also do this program with the Erasmus+ programme or another educational programme (e.g., curricular programmes to get ECTS, final projects in university, practical and academic projects, etc). It is also possible to do the internship without any programme.

About the price

This programme has a reasonable price that varies depending on the duration of the programme and its location. The price is paid at the beginning of the internship and never in advance.

To know more about this internship you have to apply.

Send us an email with your application and attach your CV to: traineeland@gmail.com

Data sheet

Erasmus Plus Program Possibility
Available. For students of universities, vocational studies, short-cycle studies and UK universities that still participate in the program. Is also available for job seekers that can participate in the Erasmus program.
Turing Scheme Possibility
Curricular Program Possibility
Available. You can get ECTS (it depends on your university program)
Hibrid Erasmus / Curricular - Turing / Curricular possibility
Voluntary / Extracurricular Program Possibility
You can do this internship without any program too. It is also possible to receive recognition for this internship from your university, provided that they allow it.
Online modality
Onsite modality
Hibrid modality (online/onsite)
University Final Project Possibility
Language of the training
English (In some internships it is also possible to choose Spanish if the student request it. You can ask us about it)
You can choose the duration
Start date
You can choose the start date
End date
You can choose the end date
Cities available for onsite modality
Madrid (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Lisbon (Portugal), Rome (Italy)
Students with Disability
Feel free to contact us
You can always apply. We have open calls throughout the year
Other Programs
Available. You can also participate with other programs different than the Erasmus program. For example exchange programs supported by Chambers of Commerce or by other entities.